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Chia Tower and Bithia

Chia Tower and Bithia The Chia tower is a coastal tower of “Domus de Maria”, located just off the beach of Chia. The building stands on a promontory where, originally, the acropolis of the ancient center of Bithia was located and it overlooks, with its 42 meters, the whole surrounding area. The tower was erected […]

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Trascorri le tue Vacanze in Sardegna

Cagliari City

Cagliari city Cagliari is a municipality, capital of the autonomous region of Sardinia and main center of its metropolitan city; it includes, beyond the capital and its conurbation of municipalities, also several hinterland cities. It is opened on the Gulf of Cagliari and surrounded by the “Sette Fratelli” and “Capoterra” mountains, and by the Campidano […]

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Flamingos in the south of Sardinia

Flamingos in the south of Sardinia The coastal ponds of Chia and Spartivento, just close to the impressive sand dunes, are habitual areas of resting and nesting for many species of water birds – including pink flamingos – that contribute to further enhance a natural setting with few equals in the entire Mediterranean. In the […]

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