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Project Design Building Manufacturer |

  • Via Tiberio, 14 | SESTU (CA)

Builders specialized in high quality construction industry and prestigious locations. The company Project Design invites you to visit its real estate proposals, surrounded by the greenery of one of the most beautiful tourist resorts of Sardinia. Sale and rental of apartments and villas with swimming pool, in a characteristic apartment complex, a short walk from the beaches of Chia.

We have Sardinia in our heart
Every corner of this island is an impressive sight. It is a unique place in the world and, by its nature, does not look like any other place: ancient, harsh and hospitable, is rich in colors and silences, but in all of its musical expressions.

Sardinia looks, at first sight, like a gem set among the crystal clear waters; a vision that impresses with its natural contrasts and the unaltered panorama, and delights the visitor with its quiet. A special magic, that has been built in more than 4000 years.

In a land that has been able to keep the ancient traditions of a mysterious culture, there is still a wild and unspoiled nature. In Sardinia, time, months and even seasons follow a unique and unexpected pattern. The rhythms of nature flow very slowly, with no hurry. A special island, where the human presence is rare and respectful, and life is revealed in all its energy. A place that gives balance and welcomes those who choose it.

Imagine filling your eyes with enchanting beauties and breathing deeply the purity of nature … here, you are in Sardinia!