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Destination Chia

Presentation of Chia

Chia or Chia Bay is a coastal resort in Southern Sardinia, hamlet of the town called Domus de Maria, in the district of Cagliari. Located on the western side of the “Gulf of Angels”, it is a seaside resort in Sardinian west coast.

As a well-known tourist resort, it is famous for its endless beaches of white and thin sand, with huge sand dunes, covered in centuries-old Junipers; it is also famous for its transparent and crystal clear water and for its woods, rich in flora and fauna beauties, where it is not uncommon to meet Sardinian deer and other animals, like wild boars and golden eagles.

Visiting Chia is a unique occasion, in order to enjoy a perfect beach holiday, with its natural treasures that are among the most evocative places of the Mediterranean Sea; its Mediterranean scrub is inhabited by rare wild fauna and it is the fixed abode of pink flamingos.

The Southern Coast is full of different landscapes to discover: the rock faces of Spartivento Cape, where the granite cliffs shape deep fjords and small sand inlets, dominated by one of the most panoramic and beautiful lighthouses of the island, that can be reached by walking a mule track that overlooks the sea; going further to the West, you can find the limitless pure white beaches of Porto Pino, the peninsula of S. Antioco and S. Pietro island, with Carlofonte fortress, which expresses all its ancient Genoese and Tunisian history.

But history brings us back to farther times, up to the Punic and the Roman ages, whose testimonies endure in the open air just east of Chia.
It is the living symbol of this pure and sunny South, which has the sweetest weather of the whole Sardinia; a scenario that exceeds the exotic imagery without crossing the ocean: just over an hour flight from major cities is enough to find out how a paradise looks like. It offers us a palette of natural colors: the blue and the emerald of the sea, the white of the rocks, the green of the hills, dotted with the colors of flowers and shrubs.

This is Chia, that surprises the visitor for its natural contrasts, for its lights and colors, a land of ancient traditions, surrounded by wild and untouched nature.
It is impossible to resist its charm that during the summer, thanks to the sun, shows its authentic side, by enlightening the landscapes that always make the hearts of those who have the chance to see it beat.

Shooting and editing operator: Simone Perra

Drone shooting: Maurizio Piga