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Chia Tower and Bithia

Chia Tower and Bithia

The Chia tower is a coastal tower of “Domus de Maria”, located just off the beach of Chia. The building stands on a promontory where, originally, the acropolis of the ancient center of Bithia was located and it overlooks, with its 42 meters, the whole surrounding area.

The tower was erected in 1578 and it was originally called “I Santi de Quaranta de Quiat”; it was built in order to defend the mouth of the Chia river, which was used to eradicate the threat of pirates; as a matter of fact, the tower was equipped with cannons of 6 and 8 pounds caliber and a garrison of five people, plus two more for each of the two “dead guards” (that is, the locations of movable lookout, without tower).

It was built in limestone, it has a height of about 13 m. and a diameter of over 10 m. and the wall thickness is about 2.5 m.
It dates back to the seventeenth century and it was built in order to defend themselves against pirate intrusions, very numerous at those times because the river was a water source for pirates. The outer walls are made, like the towers of San Macario and Coltellazzo, of well squared limestone blocks, from the ancient city of Bithia, and of rounded pebbles.

The tower can be seen from any beach you are on and, at night time, it is illuminated by spotlights. If you want to visit the tower follow the signs for the “Porticciolo” beach, and then, following a path for a few minutes, you will get to the tower.

In the eighteenth century, it became a fishing village, a hamlet of Domus de Maria; but its recent expansion is due to its beautiful beaches and to the growing cultural tourism, interested in the beautiful ruins of Bithia.

Shooting and editing operator: Simone Perra

Drone shooting: Maurizio Piga