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Chia: Art and Tradition

The country is appreciated not only for its territorial beauties, but also for archaeology, theatrical representations and its abundance of cultural, culinary, folkloristic and religious traditions. 

The traditional costumes, with their bright colours and their original shapes, represent the belonging to specific collective identities. They are considered a chest of ethnographic and cultural traditions, with very particular characteristics, the result of centuries-old historical layers.

Often festivals last for several days and involve the whole community; frequently, for the occasion, local people bake special sweets and organize banquets with traditional dishes, opened to everyone.

Particularly successful are the festivals that allow tourists to learn about the “Mariese” cuisine, with roasted meat, game and fish, all accompanied by an excellent local wine.

Among the most anticipated festivals there are definitely those of Heifer calf and Goat, usually scheduled for the last week of July and the first of August, and that of the Suckling Pig, or Sardinian “Porceddu”, roasted on long skewers with flavoured wood.

Among the typical dishes, besides the wild boar, the “Grive” or “Pilloni and Taccula”, cooked with water and salt, are also really appreciated.
Among other products, local cheeses, myrtle liqueur and typical sweets deserve recognition.

Here a stop-over is a must, if only to visit the vast snow-white beaches of Chia and to admire the beautiful woods of Is Cannoneris, where it is not uncommon to find ovules and magnificent real porcini mushrooms. Among the events not to be missed: the festival of figs, sweet and delicious fruits from the area of Chia, the fish festival in July and the festival of “S’Arroseri” in honour of the Madonna del Rosario, the patron Saint of the country, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of October.