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A paradise on water

Chia is the ideal place to spend your holidays by the sea. Its coastline, rich in beaches and bays, allows you to immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful seas in the world. There are many beaches with different features and you can find a special magic in each one of them.

The coast, that is home to the beaches of Chia, is made of very light-colored sand, slightly yellowish, mostly slim and clean, uniform and which also has a very nice color. The sand is interrupted by small rocky conglomerates; close to the beaches there are also two ponds, inhabitated by pink flamingos; it is easy to admire them and you can photograph them at close range: these are the “spartivento” pond and the “Chia” pond.

On the huge golden dunes of Chia, your feet sink into the thin sand, making your walk quite arduous. From the top of these piles of sand, up to 30 meters tall, consolidated by juniper trees and low shrubs, the landscape is majestic. From the dunes you can move to the nearby promontory surmounted by a Spanish tower. You can also head out into the sea and observe the golden reliefs shaped by the wind.

The wild and unspoiled nature, with the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean scrub, characterises 6 km of beautiful coastline, which is touched by a clear sea with colors ranging from deep blue to emerald green.

In front of the residential area you can find the beaches of  “Torre di Chia” and “Colonia”, on the east and west respectively. They are two of the most famous beaches of the whole south coast. Not far from there, right after a couple of tourist resorts, you will see the entrance to the beaches of Porto Campana, Giudeu and the enchanting bay of Cala Cipolla, hidden behind a hill.

What wonderful emotions you can feel while sailing in this emerald sea, crossing small and large coves of sparkling white sand, with a coastline on bays, green promontories and Spanish towers!

Shooting and editing operator: Simone Perra

Drone shooting: Maurizio Piga